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It is time for you to learn blackjack strategy & rules, play for free and win real money Blackjack games at online casinos. We have offered 21 players our experience, casino gambling knowledge, and blackjack betting tips since 1999. Blackjack, or "21" is an extremely popular cardgame ever since it was invented. Why? Because the game lets players use strategy, analysis, card counting, and a little bit of luck to bet on cards with confidence and take home cash winnings.

This site is full of solid info easily utilized by players of all skill levels, and is a great source of practical, money-making tips on everything related to winning at casinos and gambling sites, Las Vegas, or just to play blackjack for fun. We will teach you to count cards, and how best to play online blackjack, as well as understand the most popular games, and we also review the top Blackjack sites with in-depth site reviews. Our Vegas Blackjack guide will tell you the best blackjack in vegas to put your time into, and detail the Vegas 21 rules. Our guide also analyzes the single deck, double deck, shoe, and video blackjack machines available at Northern Strip, Central, South, and Downtown Vegas casinos in detail. And finally, our blog has the latest news .

Blackjack Game News Updates

Mobile Devices Perfect for Blackjack Mobile Devices Perfect for Playing Blackjack -

It would seem that the mobile blackjack gaming market has a new way to offer their games and apps  to their players, especially those interested in playing blackjack on mobile devices. We have seen an increase in the –> Read More

Manziel in trouble for ditching and playing blackjack Johnny Manziel in Trouble for Ditching and Playing Blackjack -

It would seem that sophomore quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, Johnny Manziel is in trouble for ditching the last game of the season, while being spotted at the blackjack tables in Las Vegas. The first round Draft pick –> Read More

Oklahoma tribe poker and blackjack website Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma Launch Poker/Blackjack Website -

A small Indian tribe in Oklahoma is almost on its way to launching an international gambling website, where they will offer poker, blackjack, and other games; through the website, It all came to fruition after an arbitrator –> Read More

Seminoles Deadline Reached, Running Illegal Blackjack -

Over the past year we have heard about the on-going dispute between Florida and the Seminole Tribe, who say they have the right to continue using blackjack and other card games in their casinos. The original agreement granting –> Read More

Shaq Created New Blackjack Game -

Shaquille O’Neal is known for many things, from his time playing professional basketball to acting, but what many did not expect was for him to invent a new form of blackjack. However, it is true, Shaq, along with –> Read More

Buddhist monk accused of stealing $150,000 To Play Blackjack -

Buddha was always an open-minded and compassionate person, but he may not approve of what a Buddhist monk did in order to play blackjack. A monk from Louisiana was arrested at LaGuardia Airport and was charged with looting –> Read More